North Karelia - the walker’s paradise

Since the 1950s North Karelia has seen the establishment of over a thousand kilometres of hiking trails, which are unrivalled in their variety. Many of the trails have, of course, been in use for hundreds or even thousands of years - by Lapps following their reindeer herds and by Ladoga Karelian itinerant merchants.
One special feature of the region is a network of huts enabling the hiker to spend weeks in the countryside without having to carry a tent. The true hiker who is looking for solitude can thereby move from one long trail to another and tour the whole province.
To counterbalance these long walks there are a surprising number of shorter circular walks taking only an hour or two whereby the motorist can get at least a taste of the countryside as a break from driving.

Eastern Finland is full of surprises. It is a mosaic of contrasts - barren heaths and green glades, enormous lakes and tiny pools, hills and marshes, untouched backwoods and timber farming. Along the trails you may find urbanised raccoon dogs or the lonely hermit of the more remote forests, the wolverine - or at least its footprint.
North Karelia lies between east and west, where Greek Orthodox and Lutheran religions meet, as do tradition and modernity. This is apparent along hiking trails as in everyday life, and colours the whole culture of the province.

North Karelia is the hiker’s dream come true.


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