Hikers' key

Trail names are given in Finnish to prevent confusion. The numbering corresponds to that in the Finnish version of these www-pages, and in the Finnish language book.

One day walks
Most of the walks described under this heading can be done in one day or less, and are usually circular.

Two day walks
Two of the three trails described are non-circular.

Long trails
The three routes described as two-day walks can easily be extended over 3 days, especially if walking is combined with canoeing.
Three specifically long trails are described: Kolinpolku, Susitaival, and Karhunpolku. Karhunpolku is also highly recommended as a cross-country cycle route. The Lieksa touring map Karjalan Kierros 3 shows cycling alternatives along this route.

Cycle routes
Particularly recommended is the cycle route Jaamankierros, starting from Joensuu passenger harbour, for which a separate map is available at the town tourist office, with alternative cycling stretches marked.
The second cycle route described is a combination of two separate circular routes starting from Koli village. Unfortunately this Koli route is not yet marked either on the ground or on local maps, but can easily be followed using the appropriate national survey map.

Diamonds (are a girl's best friend?)
The number of diamonds beside the name of each trail indicates the degree of difficulty.
One diamond is easy, but
Two diamonds indicates that it is worth reading the trail description in advance, and shoes, clothing, equipment planned accordingly.
Three diamonds means demanding, e.g. in length, gradients, broken ground etc.
The length of each trail is given with an estimated walking time based on a! normally fit walker. Starting points are also clearly described, and how to reach them starting from Joensuu. Most trail start points can only be reached by car.

Foreign languages
Brochures can be found in English and German at all the National Parks. For the other trails there are often photocopies of trail descriptions and info boards available in English from local information centres. They are worth asking for even if you don't spot them in the racks. At Koli the "Kasken kierros" (No.12) trail has infoboards in English, while "Paimenenpolku" (No.11) trail has info in English, German, and Russian.
In Outokumpu "Särkiselkä" (No.4) trail infoboards are also in English.

Further info, maps
From Karelia Expert tourist service, based in Joensuu at Carelicum, Koskikatu 5: see
Maps are also available from North Karelia Land S!urvey (=maanmittaustoimisto) in Joensuu at Kauppakatu 40B. Local tourist info-offices also offer maps of routes in their areas. Information on the National Board of Forestry (=Metsähallitus) and its allied service Villi Pohjola (Wild North), including forest huts, routes, guide services, fishing and hunting permits, can be found at


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