Routes in Brief

The number of diamonds after each walk's name indicates the degree of difficulty. For maps of these routes see the Finnish version.

One day walks

Kiteen erä- ja riistapolku
Location: Kitee
On the shores of Lake Orivesi two circular routes combine in a figure 8 with a good cross-section of forest nature and forestry, with exhibi!ts demonstrating game keeping and hunting.
Length 4.7km, time 2 hours

Location: Tohmajärvi
A rare glade of monkshood is the main feature of this circular trail through varied scenery including lake shore, leafy woods, N.Karelia's oldest wooden church.
Length 6.5km, time 2½ hours

Särkiselän luontopolku
Location: Outokumpu
A circular nature trail through ridge and lake scenery
Length 7km, time 3 hours

Kuhasalon luontopolku
Location: Joensuu
Short forest walks on the shore of Lake Pyhäselkä; monument on the site of an old monastery.
Length 1 and 2 km, time 1 hour.

Kalliojärven kierros
Location: Pyhäselkä
A walk round Lake Kalliojärvi, with varied scenery including sheer cliffs, woodland, bogs.
Length 4km, time 2 hours

Jouhtenisen luontopolku
This varied nature trail on an island in Lake Höytiäinen runs through an area of forest recently destroyed by a tornado.
Length 3 (or 4.2) km, time 2 (3½) hours

Kirkonkylän luonto- ja kulttuuripolku
Location: Kontiolahti
A circular walk from the village of Kontiolahti along the local lake shore, where farming has been practised since the 17th century.
Length 4 km, time 2 hours

Kolvananuuron luontopolku
Location: Eno and Kontiolahti
A cicular walk, mostly within a nature reserve, through a deep rift ravine.
Length 5km, time 3 hours

Location: Koli
Includes evergreen forest, leafy glades, rocky and boggy areas in Koli National Park.
Length 2.6km, time 1½ hours.

Mäkrän polku
Location: Koli
Perhaps the most demanding of the main walks in the National Park, rising to the top of !Mäkrä Hill, through scenery painted by artists including Eero Järnefelt.
Length 2½km, time 1h 15mins

Ala-Koitajoen erä- ja retkeilyreitti
Location: Eno and Ilomantsi
A circular route starting from Pamilo rapids, covering only part of a much longer path system extending 23 km through an old dry riverbed area.
Length 7km, time 4 hours

Taitajan taival
Location: Ilomantsi
A trail from Ilomantsi village leads to the oldest hiking trail in North Karelia, which takes you along ridges between lakes to Petkeljärvi National Park.
Length 22½km, time 7 hours.

Kuikan kierros
Location: Ilomantsi
This circular route along low ridges in the Petkeljärvi National Park is named after the Park emblem, the black-throated diver (= kuikka).
Length 6½km, time 3 hours

Location: Lieksa
This circular route follows the sandy shores around Lake Suomujärvi in Patvinsuon National Park.
Length 15km, time 6-7 hours.

Location: Lieksa
A circular route through some of North Karelia's oldest natural forest.
Length 3km, time 1½ hours

Koskikierrosta Ruunaalla
Location: Lieksa
A circular route including trails alongside the Ruuna Rapids used by salmon fishermen. River crossing by rowboat.
Length 10km, time (including river crossing) 5 hours.

Mäntyjärven kierto
Location: Nurmes
A gentle walk around Lake Mäntyjärvi.
Length 7km, time 2½ hours

Two day walks

Tapion taival
Location: Ilomantsi
This trail runs through the almost untouched scenery of the Koitajoki and Koivusuo Nature Park, not far from the Russian border. New circular walks leading off from various points along the route !are under construction.
Length (main trail) 21km, time 7-8 hours

Herajärven kierros
Location: Kontiolahti and Lieksa
Round Lake Herajärvi, with views of Koli
Length 40km, time 2 days

Paimenpojan polku
Location: Tuupovaara
From Tuupovaara village one of the newest (and best maintained) trails in North Karelia runs through varied countryside bordering the Jänisjoki River to Hoilola.
Length 37km, time 2 days

Long walks

Location: Kontiolahti and Lieksa
From Uuro the trail runs through a deep ravine to Koli National Park. It is also possible to start from Joensuu, which adds an extra day.
Length 63 km, time 3 days (from Joensuu km, 4 days)

Location: Ilomantsi, Lieksa
This trail leads from Möhkö to Patvinsuo along low ridges and across rivers. Ri!ver crossings involve self-operated rafts using ropes.
Length 97km, time 4-7 days

Location: Lieksa, Kuhmo
This route along the eastern border runs through almost totally uninhabited country, and is also suitable for cross-country cycling.
Length 133km, time 7 days

Cross-country cycle routes

Kolin pyöräreitit
Location: Lieksa, Kontiolahti
Giving a bird's eye view of Koli village and following the shores of 3 lakes, this route combines two circular routes into a figure 8 through farmland and the National Park.
Length 37km, time 6 hours (can be divided into 2 routes: 14 and 23km, time 2½ + 3½ hours)

Jaaman kierros
Location: Joensuu, Kontiolahti
A circular route from the centre of Joensuu past 6 public beaches and the Lake Höytiäinen Canal back to town via Jaamankangas woodland.
Length 48 km, time 1-2 days

Laturetket cross-country ski events

Laturetki in Finnish means something like "fun run" in English, except that it is for cross-country skiers. The main season for these events, which are numerous throughout the province, runs from February through March. At least some basic skiing skills are recommended.

Location: Juuka, Lieksa
A two day event in the Koli hills with a variety of trails to suit all tastes.
Length 5-53km each day or spread over 2 days

Ruunaan Koskihiihto
Location: Lieksa
A one-day event along easy ski trails beside the Ruuna Rapids in late February-early March. Length 12-27km, shortest trail 2-3 hours


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